Update multiple entries at once from table data edits

I have one editable column in my table "Bill back" that i want to be able to update multiple rows at a time, then "save" which runs my "updatedCompletedTasks" query, which i clearly don't have set up correctly to update multiple rows. Not sure what to use here. The query works by only updating one row, not all 3 in this instance of the screenshot.

Use Bulk Update functionality

Hi Scott, I did try that approach but not sure i'm adapting it right for my case.
Say I'd want to update multiple columns in multiple rows at once too, seems I'd have to store all the changes in an object? {{requestToCloseTable.changesetArray [0]}} maybe I shouldn't be using GUI mode?

In the action type select Bulk Update

Wow sorry, I'm missing very basic things here, been at it too long.

Maybe i'm closer, but it's saying the Primary key dispatch_id isn't present in the supplied array, but on inspection it looks lik it is.

Not certain if you need [ around ] the changeSetArray

That was it, thanks so much for your patience. I'll see myself out :upside_down_face:

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