Cant update a table

Hi. Im a Retool newbie and trying to create my first app but im struggling with something that should be so simple

I want to display a MSSQL table and allow user to amend existing data
I've got a data source and a table. I can see my table contents. Great
Next i've added a query for the update. Action is "Bulk Insert via primary key". My primary key is called DataID and have entered {{[ConfigData.recordUpdates]}} in Array Of Records to update field
If I run that it fails with the error "Primary Key DataID is not present in the array"
I don't understand - it is there!

I've also tried using "Update an existing record" as the action type and then {{[ConfigData.recordUpdates]}} for my data but that just seems to be trying to save an object into the table instead of my actual data

Where am I going wrong?

@RichardGardner Welcome to the community!
If you can post some screenshots and code, it will help me and others to get this sorted for you...

Hi Scott
Hopefully this is enough? The ConfigVars query reads the data. I've not shown this as its a simple select statement and works fine. ConfigVarsUpdate updates the data

In the table called ConfigData I want the user to only be able to edit the KeyValue field. I dont want them to be able to add. DataID is the record index and is already set

And here is the error after I change a record and hit save

Hey @RichardGardner!

Can you try passing {{ConfigData.recordUpdates}} without the []? The recordUpdates property of your table should already be an array!