Can't setup custom API auth with bearer token

Hi all,
I have been struggling to make a custom API auth flow work. When I set things up on my API resource, everything seems fine. As you can see below, I am returning a bearer token successfuly, and I think I am correctly saving it to a variable:

Then, I am setting the Authorization token in the Header, which I am pretty sure is correct (as I have hardcoded it successfuly before):

However, when I authenticate with this resource (I get the success message), as follows, I get a message that the format is incorrect:

Based off previous experience, I suspect that the variable is not being passed into the request properly.

Unfortunately the obfuscation in the API response makes it hard to debug:

Any help would be much appreciated!

For similar queriesi n the future, the issue here was that the variable name does NOT need to be enclosed in {{}} in the header field. I am not sure why, as this is a break in convention from the rest of the app, but it did the trick.

Some other items to note: running the query in Preview mode allows you to see the header without it being sanitized; that's how I was able to debug.

Finally - the API resource configuration is super buggy when it comes to switching between environments and saving. Sometimes the save button is disabled and enabled with no discernable pattern, and then apparently saved changes will later just reappear.