Custom API authentication token

Trying to get this api to work, i can authenticate but can't seem to get the token

Here are the instructions any idea?

Getting Started

All you need to start using our api is our endpoint.

If you're having trouble with our endpoint please reach out to our team.

To sign in, just make a POST request to the /signin endpoint with the following payload:

{ "username": "yourUsername", "password": "yourPassword" }

You will get back a token that needs to be added to the header of all subsequent requests to our api.

POST /api/v4/some-api-endpoint HTTP/1.1

token: abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz123456789

All requests to our api are expected to have the Content-Type header set to application/json .

Are you adding an Authorization field in your header?
i.e. to all endpoints you're going to use from hailtrace, you need to add the token to the header of all your requests.
Authorization: Bearer + {{}}

Well i'm confused. So here is what I have. I can login fine, but just can't see to get the token stored.

Got it figured out.

So glad to hear it, @nroeder! Out of curiosity, what ended up being the solution here?

And thanks for hopping in here, @jocen :slight_smile:

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Multiple issues.

header needs key as "token"
value needs to be variable name only
define variable needed to be directly in auth workflow step 2.
value of variable needed to be {{http1.body.token}}