Can't Save to Local Storage from a MySQL file

I am showing screen captures of what I am going through.

There is no data transfer to local Storage.

Any Suggestions would be appreciated.


Here is the code that calculates @mCOUNT1 . It calculates it correctly as 2.

Here is the success form for transferring @mCOUNT1 to localStorage.

Here is the State for CountChkWN4 which does the math. The answer is shown correctly as 2.

But localStorage is not picking up mCOUNT1

Hi @mdsmith1
Success handler probably did transfer @mCOUNT1 to localStorage, but you will not find that value within the CountChkWNEx4 query, but separately on a global level, and you can always reference it with {{localStorage.values}}

Here is where you can check the state and if the query is transferring the value to localStorage

Hope this helps

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