Can't get data to Local Storage

I can't seem to get data up to local storage. Most times this works fine but for some reason it is not working now.
I have attached a screen capture.

@mdsmith1 Although that may be the name of the column you see, it could be that the column itself is nextra1; I would look at the column under the inspect panel to be sure.

Scott: I have checked the actual name of NEXTRA1 and it is right.

This screen does not have a Check Box and I am wondering if the cursor is not perceived to be on the table.

I am including a screen capture. All the rows are the same with NEXTRA1 = 46.

Is there someway of writing code for the value in the TOP row rather than in the SELECTED row?

localStorage.setValue ("mRecdays2",;


I have only been able to set an Event handler when selecting the row on the table and then getting it back:

Thanks for all your help.
I eventually found that my table was not really readable. I had just added a new field 'Recdays' and it seemed to cause come problems with table development.
So I deleted the table and built it again and after that I was able to get the load to storage working. I put the code under a button because I did not want it to be associated with row change. I am including some screen captures to show how it works.
Thanks again Scott for helping me with this.
I will mark this as the solution.