Saving to Local Storage from a MySql Table

I have a file for storing New Invoice Numbers and as I create a new Invoice Number, I would like to save it to Local Storage from the MySQL Table.
It seems that saving to Local Storage is done in Java Script which can read screen tables but cannot read MySQL tables.
Is there some way of taking a field value from a MySQL table and saving it to local storage?

Hi @mdsmith1

localStorage should work for both resource data & component data. Where are you using it?

If possible, I'd recommend using the built in event handlers to make it easy to pass data to localStorage like this:

You guys never cease to amaze me.
Your suggestion works perfectly.
Retool is really a discovery. Buttons that I have used a hundred times suddenly have a whole new meaning.
Thank you so much for figuring this out and showing me.
I will mark this as solved.
Thanks again.

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Amazing! Thank you! :tada: :raised_hands: