Need Help transferring values to local storage

I am familiar with saving Tables to Retool then taking values from the Table and putting them in localStorage.

But I need to find a way of transferring values to localStorage without restoring a data file to a Retool Table.

I am trying to use the Success Handler "Set Local Storage" as per the screens below:

This screen shows where I derive the value @GrTotal. It recognizes the value as 5374.52

The Value is 5374.52

This screen shows the syntax I am using for the Success Form Set Local Storage

This shows the properties of SaveTaxes01.

It is registering the value @GrTotal of 5374.52

Yet nothing is transferring to Local Storage. I suspect that I have a syntax problem in the Success Form.

If anyone has suggestions, I would be pleased to hear from you.


local storage is key/value paired, it looks like you're missing the key part


What goes into the "Key" field?


whatever you want to name that value. its the same as a variable name


I don't think the variable is transferring to the Local Storage form.

See below:

Here is where the variable @GRTOTAL is generated. It has a value of 1761.7

Here is the reference in the Success Handler to the local storage form.

If I click on the calculating field, it says "undefined"

If I check the local storage, again it says "Undefined".

I don't think the value is transferring from the initial screen to the Success Form.

Any thoughts?