Cannot open nested modal externally

I have an app setup with additional tools under a modal. Inside that modal, there are several tools, some of which are additional modals. I cannot open this nested modal programatically unless modal1 is opened.

To reproduce:

  • Create modal1
  • Inside modal1, create modal2 (button to open modal2 is inside modal1)
  • Create button1 outside of modals (e.g. main container)
    • Set on-click event to open modal2
    • modal2 does not open when you click button1
    • After clicking button1, modal2 only appears when you open modal1


Hello, @ericpickup Could you open Modal 2 from the second button with two event handlers?\

Hi @Amanda, this works, thanks. Although it's not entirely ideal since I don't want to display modal1 when it's opened from anywhere but that modal.

I found a workaround solution - move modal2 into the main screen/container and make it hidden. Update modal1 to contain a button to open modal2, as well as the button in the main container to open modal2. Now both buttons will open modal2 without needing modal1 opened.