Cannot convert undefined or null to object ( But we didn't make any code changes)

Hi Retool team,

Since this morning, we have this error message that appears (Cannot convert undefined or null to object). It is displayed when we want to send an email using Integromat. It worked for 2 months but since this morning there is this message. We made no code changes.

1st precision: the module works when we use it directly from the module page. But when this module is called from a another page (customer or prospect), this message appears.

2nd clarification: the error occurs before the call to Integromat because in the Integromat logs, there is nothing in the history.

I think it may be a link problem between the page that is displayed and the communication with the module.

Do you have an idea? We have done a lot of trying to solve this problem but nothing seems to work.

Best regards,


Hi @Disktrikt26, Thanks for all of that information! Can you share how this query is triggered in the module vs. in the parent app?