Can Retool be installed in a self-hosted, offline, air-gapped environment?

I would like to try out self-hosted Retool, however it needs to be able to be installed with no connection whatsoever to the internet. All installation files need to be separately downloaded on a different machine and then manually transferred to the air-gapped system.

Is this possible?

Hey @willblackburn, welcome to the forums!

We do have an airgapped option for deploying Retool :raised_hands:

I'd recommend reaching out to to learn more, as these deployments are general pretty custom to the org. Let me know if you have any questions in the meantime.

I'm also interested in using the air gapped version of ReTool. I just tried to contact and got a message that such email address doesn't exist. How can I get more info about the air gapped version of ReTool?

Hi @gregdubiel Thanks for reporting this! :thinking: I believe that should still be an active email, so I'm looking into it

As an alternative, you can fill out our contact form here to get in touch with sales