Can not connect to MySQL hosted on Azure

On trying to create MySQL resource to connect to an MySQL server hosted on Azure,this error message pops up.

Saving failed
unable to get local issuer certificate

SSL is enforced on the server.

Hi @Melv! Do you mind checking “allow self-signed certificates”? If that doesnt’ work we’ll need to add support for uploading custom certs for mysql. Thanks!

:+1: :slightly_smiling_face: that works thanks


trying this for the first time and it doesn't work after checking use a self-signed cert box:

Error: must specify Client Key and Client Cert with self-signed certificate option

Only cert I have is the MS one: Configure SSL - Azure Database for MySQL | Microsoft Docs

but I've no idea what the client key is

Hi @i.klek !

These are the two certificates you'll need to use the custom cert option inside Retool:

Typically, you'd be able to generate the Client Key and Client Cert and then upload the signing CA cert to your database server. However, according to this Stackoverflow post, it is not possible to do this with Azure hosted MySQL instances.