Connecting to a azure SQL database


I'm struggling to work out how to connect to Azure, it says it can be done in 20 minutes but no documentation is provided and simply links to the AWS S3 documentation.

What to choose to setup the resource?

Welcome to the forum @Benjamin_Roust_Hansen,

I have many apps that use Azure SQL, and some that use Azure Functions. I assume you are needing to work with Azure SQL?

You just need to use the Microsoft SQL database resource. Azure SQL is just Microsoft SQL behind the scenes. Just supply the Host, Username, Password and other details settings that are applicable to you just like you were connecting any other front end like SQL Server Management Studio or ODBC. You can get these details from your Azure management portal.

If it is not the database you are trying to connect to, can you be more specific about which Azure service you are trying to connect with?

I'm new to retool and also struggling to set up the connection to an Azure SQL dB

Tells me I need encryption enabled and search / chat suggests adding some code to config.js

But nothing explains where to find this file.

SQL server has TLE enabled

Any guidance much appreciated

Hey @Baldsi - I'd recommend checking out this doc (it doesn't say Azure but using a Microsoft SQL Server resource should work for Azure SQL DB).

You may want to specifically select/enable the checkbox that says "Use SSL/TLS" and "Full verification" to enable the encryption piece. This is on the Resource settings page for a Microsoft SQL resource in your Retool org:

If the main issue is where exactly to find what to input as the CA Certificate etc. in these settings^, I'm less familiar with that myself, but I found this Stack Overflow post which might help at least for finding CA Certificate:

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