Can I hide the "Edit" and "Share" as well as footers when using an app as an admin?

When using an app as a normal user, it works fine, but as an admin it has the whole header and footer like this:


This is a real pain for me as any time I'm trying to demo our app or show it to people it has all of this all over the place which is a distraction. I don't really want to have to pay for another user just to demo the app without this so just wondering if there's another way. It also makes it hard when embedding as I never know what a user's experience is compared to my own especially with sizing, so I find that a bit weird having no way to access it as just a user.

Hi @Bailey_S Thanks for reaching out about this!

I think you should be able to solve this issue by adding this url param to your app url: ?_embed=true when embedding or demoing

:crossed_fingers: Hope that helps!

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