How to hide Header component in Retool Embedded

Hello All,

I've got an application which should be available for internal and external users. Internal users should see Header with navigation bar, external users should not. App is embedded as per this guide.

I've tried to apply ?_embed=true parameter to embedded url as per but it didn't help.

Do you have any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

Hello @heynoway!

At the moment Retool doesn't support conditionally hiding the header frame though it has been requested before and I can let you know here if it gets added. In the meantime, would it work to conditionally hide the navigation bar based on a value in {{ current_user }} (described here)?

Alternatively, it's possible to conditionally hide the header using Custom CSS as a temporary solution with something like:

  display: {{current_user.metadata.showNavigation ? "none" : "block"}}