Can I get the full path of the file?

Hi Retool Team!!

Is there any file component that returns the full path of the file?

With "file button" I just get the name (xxxx.csv), but not the full path (/home/.../xxxx.csv)


Hi @ignacio You won't have access to the path of the file when uploading to Retool using our upload components (file button, file dropzone) :disappointed: can you share a bit more about your use case? Maybe we can help find a solution

Hi @Tess, thanks for reply.

I need to send the file path in a API URL Param, to get this file path in my API and read the CSV rows and other actions in my Java code.
My app will be used by several users, so i need the file path in each case to know where is the CSV file in the user computer.

Hi @ignacio thanks for clarifying! It's not currently possible, but I'll submit a feature request :slightly_smiling_face: