Calculator using tool google sheet's

  • Goal: I want to have main table where i can store choosed options with price and quantity. I want to have different tables(pop out windows) with specific products where i can choose witch product i want to pick and quantity of product. In each table i have column that represend the price per unit.
    As the final result i want to have the main "calculator" table where will be added all products that i choosed earlier(from each interactive pop out table), it must count it price per quantity, and sum of all products will be counted as the Total Price.

  • Details: I have created one google sheet with different pages. Each page its different product data base. I have created the tables inside retool app, but i dont undestand how to make that functional

  • Screenshots: My current setup looks like that:

    There is how my popout tables where i want to have choosing and adding options are looking now:

Im new to this whole retool stuff and tools, so i would ask for as detailed steps as you can help me.

Hi @Illia_Kniaziev,

This sounds doable with some custom Javascript code. This could be a good topic to discuss in office hours if you're able to join!