Button Focus after text edit

Is it a known limitation currently that after editing or making a change to a text input field that you need to essentially force the focus off of that element before a button press will trigger?

Currently - if my users edit a text input, and then try to click a button say to submit that change to a DB, they have to press the button twice - because the focus is stuck in the edit field initially.

Any workarounds for this, or perhaps future enhancement coming that will sort it out?



Hey @msd5079!

Running a quick test it looks as though you should only need one click, what device are you seeing this on?

Thanks for testing this out - i am seeing it on a Samsung Galaxy S22.


Just wanted to follow up and say that i checked with a few of my users on this - and they are all saying the same thing. Happens on multiple different screens of the app and appears to always be the same issue.

Have to 'activate' the button before the press will register, thus causing you to have to 'press' it twice.


Got it, thanks!

I was able to repro this on our end as well. Will file a report with the dev team and let you know here if there's a fix!

Glad you could repro, and thanks for filing it! It is quite annoying after a bit - users keep thinking the app is broken :confused:

This looks to be working properly now! Thanks much!

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