[Bug] UI outline on button causes overflow issue on focus

When using tab button to focus on element on the page, menu items work correctly with blue outline on the items in focus, but the button element gets messed up with 2 scroll bars on the element overflow.

This does not occur on the editor view, but occurs on the published page.

How to repeat this issue:

  1. create a button UI component
  2. publish the App
  3. load the App from published domain
  4. key 'tab' on the keyboard until the button UI element is in focus

The button UI component gets messed up with overflow: scroll

I have the same issue right now! If I use the 'tab' key on keyboard to move from field to field, once I get to the button, the UI gets messed up and a scroll bar appears at bottom of button. Button still works, but the UI breaks.

This seems to be fixed today :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yep confirmed fixed thanks!

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