Building side nav, and multiple pages Dashboard

I am trying to build a dashboard that is similar to the conventional ones that I used to build natively.
for example:
I want my app to have multiple pages (home, reports,...etc)
a side panel that shows all pages that I built as clickable list items that redirect to the corresponding page?
Is it that possible to retool?

I believe I found how to do that here Share data between apps

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Hey @Alaaddin! Glad you found those docs 🙌 Let us know how we can help going forward!

This page is not available now.

this link is broken :unamused:. Mentioned also on several other posts

Ack, thank you for the callout! ScottR posted the correct link above, and I also edited the original comment with the broken link to now have the correct link. I'll search through the community to fix other instances of the broken link!

I edited the 5 instances I found that referenced the wrong URL, but please let me know if you see any others :pray: Thank you again for calling this out!