Add data to ReTool DB

I am probably a bit dense here by not already understanding how to accomplish this.
I have a data table that is backed by a query linked to the ReTool built in DB, I want to create a form that adds data into the system. I have read on event handlers but it is not 100% clear to me how to use the form to add/edit data.

Please advise.


Hello, I recommend exploring Retool's demo. When you create a new app, you can choose one of three demos. I suggest exploring how they work so you can understand the most basic functionality and capabilities of Retool.

The first one (Admin panel) have a basic usage of data sources, querys, forms, add/edit records and transformers

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There is also the new beta Forms feature on Cloud which you can explore that will use your Retool DB source to generate a form specifically used to add new data to the DB:


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