[BUG] Tables do not initially display temporary state data


I have an app that displays a list of containers and each container has a table inside. The data is from a temporary state variable that is set when a button is pressed.

The first time the button is clicked all the data is set correctly, except for the table rows which remain empty. If I click the button again the rows are now set.


Demo app: Dropbox - TablesBug.json - Simplify your life

If I use setTimeout and make the second call in 200ms it also works, but a timeout of 10ms, for example, does not work.

Hi @vangelov, thanks for bringing this up! At this time Retool is unable to support Tables inside of List Views. In your case, you're putting a container inside of a List View, which a Container does allow Tables, but this ultimately breaks the app. Since the setTimeout has been working for you, you're more than welcome to continue using it for your use case! If you remove your table from a List View, you'll see that your table data will populate. This is a known bug on our end, and we've tagged you to keep you updated on a fix.

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I see, thank you for your response!