Bug: switch.setValue(false) and textInput.setValue() crashes in new Runtime

switch.setValue(false) is failing without an error message.

This js query has been working for over a year and now it is failing.

This line : togBundleable.setValue(false) is causing the rest of the query to stop running.

This is what Dev tools is showing me with stop on error enabled:

A second app has a bunch of setValue commands for text input components in a js query. When the first one executes the js query returns and the remaining commands are ignored, but without error.

Some additional background that may or may not be applicable. These were deprecated switch components. The Text Input was not a deprecated. I upgraded the switches and reloaded the page with no change to the issue. Both apps have other deprecated components on them still.

The problem happens in preview and edit mode.

Hi thanks for raising this issue. Can we take a look at the app?

Sure thing. I PM'd you the details.