BUG REPORT: text field auto url link formatting ignores training underscore '_'

When you have a URL in a text component, it automatically turns it in to a clickable link.

eg: https://example.com/path/1235_

However, when that URL has an _ underscore character at the end, the underscore is ignored and not made part of the URL, so the above example would create a link that is https://example.com/path/1235 instead of https://example.com/path/1235_

More than likely this is a bug with GitHub Markdown and not specifically Retool - the underscore symbol is used to format text so it probably confuses the parser which is looking for a matching underscore before the text.

As a solution, if you specify it in full Markdown then it works: e.g. [link text](https://example.com/path/1235_)

Thanks, @dcartlidge , this does work around the issue quite nicely!