Open Markdown links in a new tab doesn't work as expected

Under App Settings, the option to open Markdown links in a new tab only seems to apply to "link" components (which already have an "open in new tab" option anyway) and not Markdown in other areas of the App.
Is this intentional? I have a List View with some Markdown Text components that are links - they work fine but won't open in a new window, as I expected. Same with Text components not inside a List View.
To clarify - the links are to other Apps within Retool, not external links.


Hey @dcartlidge!

Thanks for flagging this, I've filed an internal bug ticket and will keep you update here when there's a fix. In the meantime can you try using HTML instead? Something like:

<a href="" target="_blank">your link text</a>

Let me know if that works!

Using HTML works around the bug, yes. Ideally I don't want to go back to replace all my markdown with HTML so I'll wait for the fix.

Hey! Just want to relay here that we've published a fix for this that should be available as of 2.98.1 (Cloud) and 2.97.3 (Self-hosted)!

Spooky, I literally checked this morning if it had been fixed yet and was coming here to report it was all good, thanks!