Bug - New Table: row selection and filter issue

Selecting multiple rows works as expected if no filter is applied. As soon as you apply one, on a given column or even the new global fuzzy search, the selection of all rows displayed doesn't work and count of selected > total displayed.
To reproduce:

  1. import the attached json
  2. filter e.g. enter st in Search, will render 4 rows
  3. "select all": checkbox in column header: no rows is marked as selected, although 4 are (see selectedRows state + rows count in toolbar)
  4. then select some individual rows by ticking the checkbox and toolbar+state will show more selected rows than total displayed.

Actually, for the latter, I thought these would be duplicate but looking closer at selectedRows array, the rows selected were not even those displayed ! These are the 4 first ones from the unfiltered data.

Big deal (for us) as I was looping thru the selected rows to update a column to a common value e.g. select multiple and then update status to Approved... and the wrong rows got updated.

filter table.json (125.0 KB)

Hi @yiga2, thanks for the detailed report and for providing a reproduction app! I am able to reproduce and a fix for this issue will be available in next week's cloud release.