Bug: selectedRow.data points to wrong record when a table filter is applied

In the last day or so we're seeing tables having problems when a table filter is applied. Specifically, selectedRow.data can point to the wrong record, or to undefined when a filter is in place. Feels like the index within the filtered-list is being confused with the index within the unfiltered-list or something.

Can be seen here. Apply a filter that restricts to only show type=consonant and then look at the selectedRow.data output and see it does not match the selected row in the table.


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We're seeing the same issue. Once a table is filtered, the selected row data goes wonky. Most obviously, some say undefined, but given the original post I checked and can see the ones with data are incorrect and are pointing to the wrong index.

I'm also seeing this issue.

Hey Everyone!

We're taking a look into this now and should have an update within the next few hours

Ok, thank you all for the reports here! We believe we've found the cause of this bug and implemented a fix, would you be able to verify that everything looks normal on your end now? If anyone is still seeing odd behavior please let me know and share a link to the app :pray:


Hi, I had a similar issue when using data from a row's action button. When using table1.data[i] as mentioned in the documentation here, if there is a table filter applied, the wrong data is accessed. This doesn't seem to be resolved as of this morning.

Now that I am aware of the issue, I have worked around it by using selectedRow.

Verified! Selection is now working correctly again.