Bug in gridview when double clicking twice on the internal container

Hey there,

Thanks for the amazing tool.
Just stepping here to raise a bug I faced while playing with my gridview.

It looks like double clicking twice on the first internal container lead to an unrecoverable error on the gridview.

I don't really know what is the meaning of double clicking on the border but I can reproduce the error each time I do it.

Not really blocking for me, just helping my peers increasing tool's quality.

Cheers :slight_smile:

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Hello, i'm able to replicate it so easily

When double-clicking the outer component border the grid component remains in this state (can't select any inner component neither resize them)
Until resizing it

And this happens when adding another component to the grid

That’s exactly the unexpected behavior.
Thanks for the screenshots!

Hi @Kevin_Liagre and @Oscar_Ortega, are we still having this UI bug? I followed the steps on my end, on the latest cloud release version 3.35.0, and I was not able to reproduce it.

On the other hand, components added to the grid will be always get duplicated, this is expected behavior and part of the design of the "Grid View" component. As a type of List View, we can only add components to the first instance of a repeatable. Ideally, we would add them inside of the container of the first child, but we should still be able to add them next to it.

However, it should look like this when you add them outside:

And if there is not enough room:

I wonder if what we are seeing is related to the previous UI bug we mentioned. Let me know if we are still running into this issue, I'll be happy to try and reproduce it on my end again. If we can add a screen recording it would be highly appreciated ('Cmd' + 5 on a Mac / 'Windows key' + 'Alt' + R on Windows).

It's fixed for me!

About the issue with adding components, yes, if you add a new component after triggering the first UI bug (unable to select / resize the inner components) the 2nd UI bug happens (components overlapping) but since i cannot reproduce the first one, i think the 2nd is also fixed :smiley:

I'm happy to hear the UI bug is gone, @OOSC3! :lady_beetle::no_entry_sign:
I'll leave this topic open for another week in case someone else is running into it, will close it afterwards. :slightly_smiling_face: