Bug: Filtering with Action

So I have an action on a table, but that action is disabled if the current row does not have some field set. So the disable logic is {{currentRow.foo === null }}. Now, when I go to filter the table, that action is always disabled. Even if the foo column has data in it.

There is a bug in Filtering with Action, As mentioned above.
Any Solution for that ?

Hey @hello - I’m having trouble reproducing this on my end. Any chance you could send over a screenshot and a bit more detail on what your table / conditions are?

Hi, same thing here, in 2021.

So basically when you have a disable condition in an action on a table… and you try to read the data of that row… With filtering enabled it will refer to the wrong row.

Set “Disable action button” to something like: {{currentRow.column!==true}}

It works until you use the “Add filters” option to filter out some of the data. With any filter enabled (that removes any of the rows BEFORE our row which we’re interested in, possibly) it won’t work correctly as it’ll refer to other rows.

Attaching screenshots.

Set up as:


Enabling filters, see how the text in the buttons don’t match up any more:

Exclusive filter, it won’t match after the excluded row:

@kemal thanks for the detailed write up - this is definitely an issue on our end. Will follow up in the thread when we’re able to ship a fix.