BUG: Date picker is show behind a modal

When you have a date picker in a second-level modal, the dates are shown behind the topmost modal in preview node (in edit it works correctly):

How to reproduce:

  1. Add a modal button
  2. Add a second modal button in the modal from the first one
  3. Add a date picker in the second modal
  4. Go to Preview mode
  5. Open the first modal
  6. Open the second modal
  7. Select the date picker

Having the same problem.

Thanks for flagging this, @vangelov and @franciscosucrecobee. I'll escalate this internally.

Following up that a fix was pushed for this a few days ago and the change should be live -- please let me know if there are other issues. :slight_smile:

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hey @alina.retool Thanks! Will test it out!

Hi, I encountered the same issue today on Chrome. It's working properly a few days ago.
It's working fine on edit mode but not in live mode.



Several of our clients have reported encountering the same issue. I am able to replicate it in an empty Retool application. While it functions correctly in edit mode, the problem persists in to "viewer" mode.

See screenshots attached:

Viewer mode:

Edit mode:

Retool cloud version is 3.13.0



I just encountered the same issue where the date picker appears behind the modal.
Screenshot 2023-09-14 at 10.02.03

Here is a minimal reproduction of the bug:
Date range in Modal bug.json (6.1 KB)


Hello, we have the same issue here. It works in edit mode but it doesn´t for the end user. This is a blocker for our operations team :confused:


Hey all! Sorry for the disruption. Our eng team was looking into this incident earlier this morning and it should be fixed. If anyone else is still running into this issue please let us know!