Bug: form submit handler pop-up code editor window closes on click

I have a form that exists in a modal.

On the "submit" button, I have an event handler.

Under "Advanced" "Only run when" you have the option to open the pop-up code editor.

It opens fine, showing whatever content was entered.

If you click inside the pop-up code editor, it closes.

This occurs if you try to edit the component with the modal open, or with the modal closed.

Hey @keif Thank you for reporting this! I've tested this out on my end with both the now-deprecated Modal Component and the newly-added Modal Frame, and I'm not able to reproduce what you've described on Retool Cloud.

Are you still seeing this issue on your end? If so could you share whether you're seeing it on a specific Self-Hosted Retool version or on Retool Cloud? And can you specify whether you're seeing this with the Modal Frame or the Modal Component? If possible a screen-recording of the behavior would be super helpful!

I am experiencing the exact same spurious behavior with the pop-out editor for the "Value" field of a "Edit Click Row Handler" modal.

Hi there, I haven't been able to reproduce this behavior yet :thinking:

Could you share a screen recording so I can flag this issue to our team internally?