BUG: Click event handlers for icons not working in Editor

In the Mobile editor, icons that have click event handlers attached to them are not clickable:


In the screenshot above, the icons highlighted in yellow, one that is in a simple container (+) and the others that are part of a custom collection (x) have click event handlers attached that when clicked do nothing (while in the Editor).

The only way to actually get them working is to switch to Preview mode, make my way to the specific screens (which may require opening or filling out other screens before) and click them that way, which works. Or, I have to open up the mobile app, reload the app to get the latest changes, get to the screens, and finally click the icons to test if all works as expected.

This issue's been around for a while and I believe I discussed it with @bca a while back, but it's now becoming more problematic for me, as I am trying to wrap up an app I've been working on and there are time constraints.

I believe Braden had mentioned that it's possible the click target is off to the right by a certain distance in the Editor (a distance large enough for the icon to be clickable way outside the bounds of the actual icon).

Is this something that can be addressed relatively quickly?


I have the same problem. I have added an event handler for pressing an icon that should open the scanner component. But nothing happens.

By the way, is it correct that I can only add an event handler for the suffix icon and not for the prefix icon. Or is there maybe another bug? Because I think I saw that I could also set it once for the prefix icon. But I am not sure.

If it is important, I work with the on premise version.


I believe the event handlers for icons have been fixed recently, they work for me now in the editor and it's great.

Not sure about the suffix icons inside text inputs, maybe someone else can weigh in on that.

There was a bug with suffix icons on text inputs, but it looks like there was a fix as they've been working since 3.10.0, can you let me know if that isn't the case for you @Hendrik?

It works in the actual version! Thanks!