Bringing Selected Columns With utils.exportData()

hi people,

i have a problem. i assigned a button to download datas as excel table. But i do not need all columns in that table (for instance there are 5 columns, i want to make it 3). After data when i add specific column names, i can download an excel table but it comes as empty.

columns downloadable).

Hi @kbn , @victoria , @Kabirdas , @joeBumbaca , @Tess ,

I have a similar kind of situation but I would like to include custom columns as well.

The button has the event handler to export data. There you can map the data. In my case, I am exporting only emails and roles.

code example:

{{ => ({ email:, role: item.role} ) ) }}
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Hi Rati,

many thanks for your answer, but it did not work in my case. i am sharing my solution, but it is kinda very long!

//example query ==== Example Table====

const columnAInstance=;
const columnBInstance=;

const transformedDataExample = Object.keys(columnA).map(key => {

  return {

	columnA: columnAInstance[key],
	columnA: columnBInstance[key],


utils.exportDatatransformedDataExample, "Example", "xlsx");```
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