Basic Retool questions

Hi everyone,

I'm brand new to Retool, but I spent many years working as a developer in Windows. I have two general questions:

  1. Any suggestions on how to get a broad overview of what Retool is capable of? I've watching the getting started video and have skimmed through some of the docs, but are there any hands-on training or video series that I can work through?

  2. My first Retool app is an internal app that needs to display and update data from Google Sheets. In the Windows world I was accustomed to the browse > form paradigm, in which a listbox displays records and the user clicked on a record to open a form window where data is entered or updated. Is this possible with Retool?

Thank you.

Hi ScendMedia!

Retool has a couple of videos on their YouTube channel that I have found super helpful. Other than that, I suggest looking at a template that interests you, opening it up, and picking it apart, trying to understand how each bit works. When you don’t understand something/ interested in a component, click the ellipses next to the component’s name and then read the documentation.

As for the second question - With the table you are going to want to add a custom column and add a modal to display your form. But this really matters on how your data is formatted - maybe just an editable table would work in your case? If so, you might wanna check out the google sheets tutorial :slight_smile:

Hope this helps @ScendMedia