Attaching a default Event Handler to an API resource

Is there a way to attach a default event handler to an api resource? We have 100+ api events from the same resource and want to attach some error handling logic (a triggered notification showing the error message) on a failed request. Unfortunately it seems like in order to support this on all of our retool dashboards I would manually need to add an event handler to every single query that uses the api resource.

ex: attaching an event handler such as these to every instant this resource is called

Hey @maxTruck, great point, thank you for sharing your context! This is currently not possible, but I created an internal feature request.

Hey @victoria, any ETA for this feature?

Hey @Wojciech_Sarota! No ETA at the moment but it has gotten eyes on it recently since reusability is something that has come up quite often amongst folks. We'll let you know here if it's included!