Manage Execution Order of Event Handlers

Allow the order of multiple event handlers to be defined, rather than execute ALL in parallel.
There should be an option to execute in parallel (default) OR in order, which can be changed.
Do not execute the next event handler if the previous one failed.
SuperBlocks currently has this functionality.


Hey @AlexC! This is definitely something we should implement and have an ongoing internal request for.

In the meantime, you should be able to create this logic using a Run Script event or a JS query to use onSuccess or await or conditional trigger logic. Does that sound like it'll help? If so, happy to help you get set up!

Yes, that would help. Hope to see this improvement at some point soon. The less we need to code, obviously the better :slight_smile:

Hi Victoria, would it be possible to post the solution here, I have been struggling with this for months now ... Thanks a lot.

Hi @teeleh! Would you mind sharing more context on your current issue? The solution would vary depending on your setup and needs!

Hi Victoria,

We want to import several files from our bankaccount that needs to be processed. When we select multiple files they get processed in parallel but we want to process them sequentially. The processing code is split in a number of Javascripts and SQL updates that are doing file specific enhancements. I need to keep the order of the records that are in these bankfiles and they also need to be loaded in the correct order. Both Christian and Joe gave up on the solution.

Thanks, Teele

Thank you for sharing that, Teele!

It definitely does sound like Javascript + SQL is the best way to get this properly ordered for now. We do have an existing internal feature request to reorder event handlers; I've added this thread as a +1 and I'll be sure to reach out in this thread with any updates.

Is your Javascript + SQL currently working for you or is there anything I can help with there? :slight_smile:

I took it out, spent way too much time on it trying to get it cooking.

Sorry about all the time spent and confusion here! We'll hopefully have an improvement to this process soon :pray: