Are Avatar Groups available as a Format in Table?

Are Avatar Groups available as a Format in Table?

Hi @scullen It looks like we only support single avatar (or the tags column type)

I can submit a feature request for the avatar group.

We are working on row grouping as well, which could potentially be helpful. Each avatar would still be on it's own row, but the rows could be visually split into groups

Would love to hear more about your use case!

Hi Tess,

Use case is straightforward, I'm creating a legal tracker (status of contracts) and want to set who is "Responsible", "Accountable", "Informed", "Consulted" for a specific contract.

I'm syncing our employee directory via RestAPI to populate a query which I then want to use to feed the list of options (ideally under the form of Avatar Group) in a table.

I tried using the Tags column type (which I can't get to work with Retool DB). I'm able to save the changes to the table, but if the Retool Field is set as JSON, I get an error message when updating. If I set it as String, it stores a JSON array that looks like this {"Sean Cullen", "Tess Retool"} that is unparsable by the Tags in the column.

Hi @scullen

Thanks! I shared this use case with our team internally. For Retool Database, it should be usable with the tags. Is the data in Retool Database stored as a String? If you share an example of your table data, I can work on a solution