App intermittently limiting results in dropdown

I have been stuck on this for quite some time so any help would be much appreciated!!

My app seems to intermittently limiting results to 12 item when populating the dropdown menu. It's intermittent as 10% of the time I load the app it lists the full results with no issues.

Here you can see there are only 12 results but I've validated that this query should return 15

When you look at the "state" tab in the debugger, what do you see the query as returning? Debug Tools | Retool Docs


17 results returned on the state tab :thinking:

Looks like state tab is returning the correct data but its limited in the interface :thinking: any ideas? :thinking:

@EdByrnee this is almost certainly an internal bug. Taking a look

Should have a fix live in production by end of week. Appreciate the report!