Data display suddenly limited

Kia ora

On our mobile app, for no apparent reason, Selects and Collections have - suddenly, started limiting the data displayed. The queries pulling in the data are still retrieving the full dataset, but only the first 10-12 of the items are now being shown to the user.

As a workaround, if it's a Select, the user can search for the item (if they happen to know it exists) but otherwise - there's no way to make it appear.

Is anyone else seeing this - or have any suggestions, please? Argh!!!

With grateful thanks

I'm glad I saw this post as we started seeing the same problem today as well. The main CollectionView in our Retool Mobile app is only showing the first 10 entries in its data. Interestingly enough, it's only being limited when viewing the mobile app page in a desktop or mobile browser. When viewing the app in the Retool Mobile app on my phone, I can see all the data.

@JamieAllen is this also only happening for you in a web browser?

Thank you @Ian_Scott and @bca - just tested it again, and it's working... (Both on browser and device...) - has something changed?!

With relief, Jamie


I am also facing the same issue. In Desktop/Laptop browser (both in design mode and app view mode) it's showing only 10 rows in Collection View, while in Retool mobile app all data rows are visible.

Unfortunately, it's back again, here - (just as @Shan describes). :grimacing:

Having the same issue here. On my chrome browser i only see a limited amount in my list collection, but in the mobile app on my phone i see the whole list.

on my actual mobile its ok but yes on the chrome browser while buildings it is limited for me

Does anyone have a repro app export they could share? Does it only happen in particular circumstances? In certain browsers?

It's also come back for me. It happens for me in desktop Firefox, desktop Chrome, desktop Safari, and mobile Safari on an iPhone. It always happens when viewing in app mode, and about half the time or more when in the app editor.

@bca can I DM you an export?

Yes please, or email braden AT retool dot com

same issue is happening for us, exactly as described by Ian_Scott

please fix it as soon as possible

same here. please fix it!

Hmm, I can't seem to find the combination of factors that cause this to reproduce. Does it reproduce consistently in some certain case? Can people share videos or details about their setup such as OS, browser, viewport dimensions, etc.?

Selects/Multiselects should now be fixed, CollectionView fix incoming soon.

Everything should be fixed now.

Sadly, still not working for us. Just viewing a collection on a browser - still just showing the first ten items. All items are displayed on the mobile version. Thank you for your time in getting this working - it's critical for us - the work on it is much appreciated...

Ngā mihi nui, Jamie

@JamieAllen Can you provide more details, perhaps a repro video? Everything seems fixed in the current cloud version with CollectionView, CustomCollectionView, Select/Multiselect, etc.

I'm still experiencing this issue in a CollectionView in our app that reads from a GraphQL query, not as much as previously but it's still limited about half the time. For example, most of the time the first time I load the app, the data will be limited to showing 10 items. I can go in and click on an item for more detail, then go back, then all of the items will be visible.

@Ian_Scott can you share a repro video or (even better) an app export that uses synthetic data we can use to reproduce this issue?