API Generator max number of rows


I have been messing around with the API generator and in the FAQ says "Your dataset can have at most 150 rows," yet when the number goes above 100, an error message shows saying:
"Please enter a number less than or equal to 100."

Is there something I'm missing?
Thank you!


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Hi David,

Thanks for trying out the API generator and for posting your question!

Currently, you can create a dataset with up to 100 rows (as you mentioned). The POST endpoint (once you generate the API) allows you to add more records to your dataset. We cap the number of rows you can add (including the initial 100) at 150. Sorry for the confusion, we'll update that to be more clear on the FAQ.

That aside, do you have a use case that requires over 100 initial rows? We might be able to increase that threshold for you if that's necessary.


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Thanks Dominic! That makes more sense!
I don't have a need - just noticed the discrepancy and figured I would say something.


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