Generating an API from a CSV file with over 10,000 rows

I'm not sure where I need to go for this problem but I would like to have an API endpoint connecting to a csv file which has over 10k rows. I know reTool has a limit of 150 but I'm trying to find out if there's a way to increase this.

Unfortunately, there is a hard limit at 100 rows when generating an API through Retool :pensive:

We do allow users to add 100 rows initially, then you can add up to 50 more for a total of 150 rows.

I also confirmed that the API generator is intended for mock data only and not building actual applications, so there's a hard limit of 150 rows. If you're interested in having 150+ rows, we'd recommend using a different API. Retool can still access and query data to basically any REST API!

Thank you for letting me know. Do you know anywhere that would allow larger CSVs for APIs?

I'm not familiar with any personally, but happy to leave this open to the Community to chime in. Would you mind sharing a bit more about your use case here?

Basically, I use a survey tool called Alchemer to create surveys. My goal is that I would like to take a respondents answer to a question and cross reference that answer to a csv file via an API. I looked to Retool for the solution but there's a hard limit of 150 rows. Otherwise, the solution would've been perfect for my use case

Ah got it! And is there a reason you're looking for an API rather than a database?

I would do either an API or a database. I've used APIs in the past so my instinct was to go for that. If a database works then I would use that instead.

Sounds good. You can definitely try using Retool Database or really any other database type (like Postgres or MySQL). Once you have this set up, then you can create a Retool app to work with that data!