Tool for Generating Random Data

I need to generate some test data. I just signed up for an account but I am not able to find the tool for generating random data. Before I signed up I saw this "Build Your Dataset" tool but I am not able to find that tool after I signed up. Any help will be appreciated.

I found a video that says that the Data Generator can be found in Developer Utilities, however when I hit that page, I am prompted to login and then the URL changes and I can't reach that page. So how do I get to the utilities from my login? Thanks.

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You should be able to access it from here. Also trying via incognito window if clicking on it prompts for login.
Hope that is what you were looking for.

Hi @pcox, we won't be able to access this tool within an org. This tool is meant to be used at the link @Milan_Kalem shared. Once you are done creating sample data on it. You can either download the table as a .csv file and then import it in your org as a RetoolDB table:

Or, you can Generate the API, and then make requests from a REST Api resource to interact with this data.

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Thanks, this is helpful. I see my problem now is you can only generate 150 records. I need closer to 1000 records. I guess this is not possible? Thanks.

This is not possible with this tool as it's only meant to create test data at a small scale. 150 is the limit.