Anyone else experience a small input delay when entering into a Text input component?

Hi @bg1900 Is your app using a custom theme?

no, no custom theme.

Ok thanks :disappointed: this must be a related but slightly different bug. Any chance you could share an app export for our team to review (a screen recording could be helpful too)

I will make a screen recording and post it here if that is okay?

Yes, that would be helpful

sorry I haven't been able to capture this to show but it is as described. Almost like there is a small delay between each keystroke.

Any fixes on the way by chance? :slight_smile:

Hey @Tess,

we're experiencing something similar on ReTool 3.68.0 (Cloud).

We have an application with multiple (in some cases nested) modules embedded. The input handler on text fields seems to trigger some type of relayout / rerendering of the entire UI on every keystroke, leading to delays of over 500ms for each character being inserted.

This is even the case with completely new text fields inserted to the application, that don't have any event handler and who's values aren't used anywhere.

We've run a performance trace and narrowed this down to a function named reflow that is being called inside some useMemo vor every input event. To me this function being called based on clean text fields with no relations feels like a bug. Maybe something wrong with the useMemo dependencies that trigger it to be re-evaluated? Would be great, if someone on your performance team could have a look at this.

Happy to provide a saved performance trace file via e-mail or help trace this down further.


Thank you! I haven't been able to reproduce it yet, but I checked in with the team that will own on this. I'll reach out here if they have any follow up questions

Experiencing this issue as well with one some specific text inputs. Looking forward to a solution. If I can offer any help in diagnosing the issue, let me know