Another user has an app open in editor mode icon missing

There used to be an icon for when another user also had an app open but it has been missing now for a few weeks. Is there any way to enable that icon again?

Hi @gaj_worlddiscovery,

Thanks for reaching out! :thinking: I'm not sure why it would have gone away - is this for the Cloud organization tied to the email you use to log in here on the forum?

The feature has been an optional beta feature, but we are currently rolling it out to all Cloud organizations by default (over the next week or so). You could check the Settings->Beta options to see if it was toggled off there

Yes it is for the cloud organization tied to the login email.

What is the name of the option because I don't see it under beta options in settings.

Can you try now? There should be an option for Enable multiplayer editing org wide

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It works now thank you :smile: