Allow labels in tags to reference table data

This will allow for 1 generic tag (for example, a flag indicating that data is out of date for that row in the table) to have custom text saying how out of date that row is. Currently you have have this text in a tag, but you end up with many different tags, such as 5 days late, 6 days late...etc.

Hi @JesseKHall, I will reach back out here if we're able to ship this feature! Thanks for the feedback

Hi @JesseKHall! I did some more testing here and I'm wondering if we can already solve this with the new table component :thinking: :crossed_fingers:

Can you share more about your use case? Will this column be editable?

This is using the new table component, and this is not an editable column.

So, I'd like options in tags that can have different label values, but are of one general group. For example, there could be a option that indicates how delayed or late an item (each row) is. Some items could be 1 day late, and some could be 15 days late. Currently these both become different options...I'd be great if they could effectively be a single "option", but the labels for each could be different. However, there doesn't seem to be a way to access the currentSourceRow's data in the label of an option of a tag.

So, to boil it down, my request is actually asking for the currentSourceRow data to be accessible within an Option.

Hi @JesseKHall,

Thanks, I'll reach out when this is fixed :blush: