[feat/bug] missing tags color array in table

in the Tags component, you can give an array of values and an array of colors. this is great when one of the values is actually a color string itself, eg. "blue" colored blue:

however, when using Tags as a table column format, the only option for manually specifying colors (from what i can find) is to treat each value as its own color via table > column > "Add-ons" > "Option list" > option > "Color":

i guess the point here is two parts:

  1. why can't i reference currentRow/currentSourceRow as Option list data source, and
  2. can we get the same row-level tags color array input on Table component as exists already in the Tags component

in the meantime, i will try to populate colors using table column's Option list data source via JS query, but it will be a bit hack-y

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