Allow a table's columns to be set editable dynamically

It's currently not possible to make a table column editable through code. This can only be done with the UI.

There is a columnEditable field defined as:
"An object representing any table columns configured as editable, with a key as the column name and a value of true"

However, changing one of the values to false or adding new columns doesn't work.

row => {
table1.columnEditable[row] = true;

Adding this feature would be useful especially if the column name or number of columns changes dynamically.

A potential workaround could be transform the data to have a pre-determined column name, then pre-configure that column to override it's label with the original name. This would mean that a pre-determined number of columns need to be hardcoded into the app with the desired properties set.

Being able to change change the dynamically created columns would be much easier.