All components disappeared on local deploy

Hi. I'm using a local deploy following the instructions here: Local Deploy

Suddenly all my components disappeared. Also, when I try to drag and drop a new component onto page, nothing happens. I didn't use the release feature, so I can't revert back to anything. And I don't see any history of components being deleted in the audit log.

Is this a known bug? Anything I can do to fix it? Also, I was wondering this even before this happened - is there a place to see a list of all the created components, besides clicking around the app to open the modals/tabs/etc?

Much appreciated!

So I found the menu on the left that lets me see all my components. They're all still there, but it seems that none of them are connecting to each other. For instance, I have "table3" selected. It takes data from "query2", which uses a string from "name_search" text box. As you can see, everywhere one component or query tries to connect to another, it is highlighted in red and gives the error (e.g.) "query2 is not defined".

Hi @bryce!

Happy to look into this with you. It would be super helpful if we could actually get an export [0] of your app here, if that's alright with you. App exports don't come with any data, so no worries there—it would just be a JSON file with the components and queries filled out, but again, none of your data.

If this sounds good you, feel free to DM me here with the export or email the export to (and name drop me if possible to ensure the app makes its way over to my inbox :slightly_smiling_face:)

Thank you!

[0] You can export your apps by clicking the 3 dots in the top right corner of the app > Export to JSON.

Any solution for that? I'm experiencing the same issue in my on-prem deployment.

Hi @dotan!

On-Prem deployments are generally not affected by any Cloud outages or incidents, so this might be a separate issue, but happy to help nonetheless. :blush:

1. Are you seeing any errors in your browser console?

2. When did this start happening?
3. Are all users seeing the same blank app?

4. Do you notice a difference in Incognito mode?