Every components are not visible at all

Every components are not visible at all.
Even those with Hidden set to False are not visible and the Appearance settings are not applied.

The app was working fine until 2 hours ago.

Hey @Turing, welcome to the forum.

Could you share what the property panel of any of those hidden components look like?

We are having the exact same issue now.

Hey all, looks like there was a regression of behaviour with yesterday's release for handling malformed date strings.

In one app example we saw a now() function being called outside of {{}} wrapped JS which was breaking the app. Removing this call fixed the app and caused the components to display correctly.

Could y'all take a look and see if that applies to you, or if there are potentially any other date strings in your components, or other functions being called inside a string (or other) field?

If you could share some app exports here (or private message me with those exports?) that'll help us identify the root cause for this faster and I can try to look at those manually to help find the errors and unblock you!

We are also experiencing this issue - not on every component, but on several. @Isaac-H whats the best way to help you with this debugging?

An app export here or via DMs would be best! (top right ... menu -> export to JSON)

I've raised an incident for this and we're looking to revert the change now on cloud to unblock folks for the time being until we can fix this!

We started an email thread on this as well, send the export to Lauren M on that thread

Just an update that the Cloud rollback went through around 16:03 UTC (over an hour ago) so folks impacted by this regression should no longer see this issue! We'll work on fixing this now so that it doesn't happen again on the next release!