Components stopped referencing queries, self.keys, etc

is anyone experiencing issues with their app(s) not working starting yesterday evening? All the components show in the Component Tree, but all are hidden for some reason and aren't referencing queries and {{ self.key }}, etc. Even the nav is showing with the list and sublists, but show "No label", even though if you click into a label it has all the appropriate data (see screenshots attached).

I have a main app our team uses internally, and a second sandbox app that hasn't been touched in over a month. Both are experiencing the exact same problem so it very much seems like a Retool platform issue.

any help is greatly appreciated! without resolution we are fully down and can't use any functionality at all.


Hey @thenatechambers, there's an ongoing thread here about the issue. Looks likely related to any malformed date strings in the app. Happy to take a look if you want to send over an export of the app. We are also releasing a fix which will hopefully be live soon.

hey @joeBumbaca thanks so much! Glad to hear y'all know what it is. I'll send you a DM with the export.

much appreciated!